I love speaking at schools, libraries, writer’s conferences, book festivals, and librarian events!

Below are some of the presentations and workshops that I offer. Please contact me for availability and pricing.

Also, please note that due to my teaching commitments, I am currently taking on an extremely limited number of speaking engagements (weekends only).


Presentations and Workshops

Here are just a few of the programs I offer. All of these are customizable based on time, audience size + age, and whether the visit will be in person or virtual.

For Kids

How a Story Becomes A Book My basic author presentation

Finding Your Voice Through Art An empowering look at the writing process.

Want to Write a Novel?
We’ll learn the basics of plot structure and outline an original novel as a group – all in less than an hour!

For Librarians

To Boldly Go Where No Book Has Gone Before How fantasy and sci fi literature can be used to expand the universes of young readers

Verisimilitude + Author Research Exploring the lengths that fiction writers go to in order to make the impossible feel real

For Writers

Next Level World-Building How to up your world-building game by connecting your setting to your plot structure. Nope, not just for fantasy writers! Contemporary books have worlds too!

Character Workshop How to write believable characters that leap off the page!